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NOTR - Romans Chapter Thirteen - 5.17.17

Today's Show: ROMANS CHAPTER THIRTEEN - 5.17.2017

Chris discusses Romans chapter thirteen in light of events happening in our world today.  This particular chapter has been used in times past to convince Christians that they should obey government in nearly every circumstance, even if the government is given to wicked and lawless behavior.  The classic example is what happened in Nazi Germany during the twentieth century, and how churches were compelled to cooperate with Hitler, in spite of the injustices carried out.  Yet this same issue was present with early American colonists during the years just prior to the War for Independence, and a famous sermon by Jonathan Mayhew on "Romans 13 and Submission to Higher Powers" clarified that the responsibility of Christians was to government that operated as the "minister of God," as the Scriptures declare.  From this sermon is said to have come the phrase, "Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God." 

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Great show, Chris! Infowars and others have been reporting on the Facebook censorship for some time now...
I recall a conversation with a couple. We were discussing a political issue (I forget which one). We were all in agreement and the girlfriend said, "Yeah, but we have to be able to defend it without using God." My reply was I think that's precisely the problem, we keep trying to make arguments without acknowledging the authority of God, just like the humanists want. The boyfriend hadn't considered that before and thought it was a good point.

May 19, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterHenry Thrun

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